A Landscape Architect’s Toolkit – Photography, CGI & Verified Views

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When it comes to landscape architecture, there are a number of tools an architect can use. From CGI animation and photography to Verified Views, landscape architects have some clever tricks up their sleeves. Verified Views are a fantastic way of showing an upcoming development project in order to gain support, funding and planning permission. Landscape architects can help provide these highly detailed images.

Photomontages can also provide a visual representation of an upcoming development, Verified Views takes this a step further by including a wide variety of elements such as digital and survey technology to provide an accurate visual representation to scale.

To create a highly accurate Verified View image, architects can seek external help from UK companies offering Verified Views or Verified View support. As there are several stages involved in creating this type of image, an architect may seek a professional UK company who specialise in the creation of Verified Views. These companies pride themselves in offering accurate and detailed images along with services such as Verified Views photography for hire. However, it’s always best to do something in-house where you can liaise with the team and ensure you’re all on the same page.

Let’s discuss why a Verified Views Studio is important. 

Verified Views & Landscape Architecture

A Verified View image is meant to give a highly accurate visual representation of a property development or renovation. They are a key component in an architect’s toolkit and allows them to properly demonstrate how a concept will look once built. This is also important when developing a sustainable property, as a landscape architect can show, in detail, how the building may impact the environment and any other properties around it. Often used to help property developers to gain planning permission, these images require skill and take time to create.

To make detailed Verified Views, several stages are involved. To ensure the final image is as accurate as possible, architects may seek the help of professional Verified Views experts.

Specialist techniques along with measuring equipment are used to assess the location, the planned build and the surrounding area. Survey points and pinpoints allow the architect to carefully note the location of the project, in relation to other buildings, roads, landmarks, trees etc. Architect photography requires a range of high quality lenses along with a standard 50mm focal length. AVR photography is typically taken at a lens height of 1.6 metre and with a 50 megapixel resolution. Architect photography is needed to provide location accuracy and context to the image.

This then allows the next stage to start. A wireframe is created of the property development, to scale in the location planned. Additional modelling can also be used to detail the property, or CGI animation is used to allow a client or a property developer to picture the new building and see the design come to life. The level of detail required to make a professional Verified Views depends on the client’s needs.

As the process requires photography skills, CGI animation and location surveying, a UK landscape architect can seek out the help of a Verified Views expert. The architect can oversee each stage of the process, but the Verified Views experts ensure that the image is as accurate as possible and meets UK guidelines too. However, finding an architect company that specialises in Verified Views and architect photography in-house is best to ensure you get the most accurate and detailed image.

Best Verified Views Are Done In-House

Rather than hand over responsibility to an external company, it is best for UK landscape architects to create all Verified Views in-house. A company that can carry out architecture photography, modelling and CGI animation is best in terms of accuracy and end results.

Verified Views are an award winning architect team who specialise in creating highly accurate images of property developments in context. Having provided highly accurate Verified Views for 3 years for clients such as The Eden Project, Blenheim Palace, Barratt Homes and Peter Brett Associates, this highly skilled team can help you to bring your project to life.

rbmp.co.uk uses precise, site-specific geographic data and cutting-edge 3D modelling to create the virtual view. CGI is then used to place the development within the photomontage, making it a seamless transition between real world photography and 3D modelling.

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