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Landscaping architecture symbolises a conscious approach to integrating the places we live and work with environments that possess natural features and advantages. Inspired by contemporary environmental challenges, today‚Äôs landscape architects are driven to create sustainable settings that not only accommodate our way of life, but also serve to embrace our role as stewards of a living, breathing earth. 

Modern advances in sustainable architecture allow us to design liveable cities with green spaces and features that introduce us to a new level of habitation, one which welcomes biodiversity, permits cleaner air, and gives our cities a natural appeal that promotes better health and well-being. By maximising resources, being attentive and considerate of unique settings and their spatial elements, and having the creative vision to design innovative and world-conscious spaces, landscape architects allow us to experience accessible and harmonious landscapes all throughout our cities like never before.  

What are the Benefits of Using Landscape Architects? 

Landscaping architects play a key role in contemporary masterplanning projects, innovative cityscape and urban park design, green infrastructure, environmental community initiatives, public space development, and the preservation of natural habitats. With the goal of designing practical and sustainable settings, landscape architects develop strategies that account for the functional aspects of objects and locations while integrating environmental concerns into the fine details.

Landscape architects bring value to proposed developments and can help gain planning approval, make better use of available resources, and deliver project goals faster and at a lower cost. Their expertise and insight allows communities and developers to discover newfound features on a wide-variety of scales and terrains, while inspiring the imagination and promoting a better quality of life and use of space. 

Our Methodology

Our landscaping architecture methodology involves several stages of research to evaluate the existing site, developer goals, and public opinion, and allows us to create planning features that streamline proposal approval and match available resources with funding and optimal design plans. 

Bridging environmental concerns and the practical purpose of the development, we design concepts for building infrastructure, public spaces, streetscapes, and natural environments that reveal a conscious and modern approach while possessing an aesthetic appeal unique to every setting. Working closely with developers, planners, and communities, we offer a special contribution to materialising objectives while integrating sustainable concepts and designs based on proven experience and service.  

Why Choose rbmp?

At rbmp, we focus on transitioning from outmoded and cumbersome urban designs to inclusive, accessible, and sustainable settings that inspire a contemporary and refreshing way of life. As landscape architects in Manchester, we take our role in city planning innovation to heart and consider it an incremental step towards a greener, healthier future. Our commitment to unifying developer goals with the best interests of the community allows us to explore flexible concepts based on inventive ideas, a considerable influence of natural elements, and a deep regard for well-being and preservation. 

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