Willesden Lane

  • Landscape Architects
  • Location: Willesden, North London
  • Client: Fresh Lime Developments
  • Year: 2016-2018
  • Sector: Residential

Detailed landscape design and execution of both communal and private landscape spaces for new residential dwellings in Willesden North London.

Rbmp worked collaboratively with 5plus architects on this residential project in North London. Prior to RBMP’s involvement the site required demolition of an existing apartment building in order to design and construct 8 new residential dwellings, with planning permission for the same obtained in 2016.

On joining the project in 2018, rbmp was instructed to prepare the detailed landscape design for the area surrounding the residential apartment building in Willesden, North London. Within the landscape design consideration needed to be given to the levels on the constrained site in order to allow for circulation around the building and the creation of both communal and private green spaces. Privacy of the land to the rear of the building was paramount and as such the designs included consideration of plenty of growing medium, robust anchorage trees which would create multi-stemmed silhouettes to provide natural screening to the land to the rear.

In addition to the landscape design rbmp also assisted with the execution of the landscape design, acting in the capacity of a landscape contractor, ordering all trees, plants and paving required and ensuring the former were all planted in accordance with the detailed planting design created for the project.

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