Eden Grove

  • Landscape Architects
  • Location: Lower Holloway, London
  • Client: Stelwood Ltd.
  • Year: 2017
  • Sector: Residential

Residential Garden Design can be tricky. Working with an enclosed, often an atypical shape, you must often find creative solutions to fill the space. It is in these kinds of spaces however that creativity thrives most. By playing to the strengths of the area you can really accentuate its character which is the key step in designing any garden.

At Eden Grove we were working on two small plots on either side of a building. One area was L shaped and the other was a square, so each space allowed us to create something different. The first step was to screen the outer walls of the garden and so we used bamboo on one end and then, in keeping with the Japanese theme, we used euonymus japonicus at the other end.

Another important step was to break up the corners of the garden, thus softening the edges and creating a more rounded natural space. To do this we planted beds of phormium ‘Black Rage’ with a dark-leaved loquat tree, but as these are both darker plants we contrasted them with some lighter acer bushes to bring some variety to the corners.

On the other side of the building we wanted to plant a centrepiece tree and so we chose a Persian Ironwood with beautiful red leaves. To not overcrowd the space, we kept the rest of the plants quite small and minimal. A few Mexican Feather Grass bushes did the job perfectly, filling up the rest of the space without distracting from the main tree. One of the golden rules of garden design is that you work from big to small, you start with the large focal point of the garden and work your way down to the groundcover, and that rule served us well here.

Image of Eden Grove Landscape Design Plan

Excellent! Just what we needed to gain planning approval for the scheme. Rbmp were excellent from start to finish.

Stelwood Ltd.

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