• Photomontage
  • Location: London City Airport
  • Client: Nasser Azham
  • Year: 2012
  • Sector: Urban, Regeneration

Photomontages created to visualise the Athena bronze sculpture outside London City Airport.

Athena, designed by Newham-born artist Nasser Azam is sited on Hartmann Road at the A1020 roundabout in Silvertown leading to London City Airport. The concept was a “celebration of the grace and beauty of the human form” and its Greek name is a subtle nod to the Olympic Games. The sculpture was designed to be visible to from those arriving by air into London.

Rbmp were commissioned to produce 4 photomontages of the sculpture to help visualise what the site will look like once complete. Day and night-time scenarios were prepared to help test how illumination options might work in this sensitive location. The sculpture faces east with arms stretched above, and her head looking up to the sky. Newham Council envisioned the project a local landmark and is currently the tallest bronze sculpture in the UK at 12m high. It was cast by Zahra Modern Art Foundries who also cast the lions at Trafalgar Square.

Nasser Azam said “I developed the sculpture to be an unambiguous form that is uplifting, inspiring and easily recognizable. I am very pleased the project has independent sponsorship from a corporate collector of my work, contributing to new investment in Newham and the regeneration of Silvertown.”

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