Eden Hotel

  • LVIAs
  • Location: The Eden Project, Cornwall
  • Client: The Eden Project
  • Year: 2016
  • Sector: Hotel, Key Site

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment of a proposed sustainable hotel on the site of The Eden Project, Cornwall UK.

Rbmp contributed towards Luke Greysmith’s Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for a new hotel proposal on The Eden Project site. The project, led by Tate Harmer Architects was commissioned to create a 109 bedroom hotel for The Eden Project in Cornwall which was designed to be the central feature of the “Green Ribbon” project aimed at facilitating The Eden Projects continued education and outreach work. The plans created were coherent with the ethos of Eden to combine both sustainability with site integration, following on from landscape architect, Dominic Cole’s original masterplan for the original China Clay Pit.

The Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment required a number of verified views to be completed as well as an assessment of the sustainability and impact on the surrounding environment and properties overlooking the site of the proposed hotel. Within the detailed assessment ZTV/ZVI assessments were completed and recommendations provided as to proposed methods of minimising the impact of the site on current landscape. Detail within the landscape and visual impact assessment was paramount in order to maintain the existing mature landscape features of the site.

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