Landscape Photomontage

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Landscape Photomontage

What is Landscape Photomontage?

A landscape photomontage is an illustration of a development plan that displays the design within a photorealistic image of the proposed future outcome. Using a combination of landscape photography and modelling software, designers are able to produce an image that represents the proposal through relative visual accuracy and in respect of unique development goals. 

Photomontages contribute greatly to proposal planning, offering insight into the architect’s vision and how development will impact surrounding structures and landscapes. It’s a useful tool for speculative visibility measurements and is often utilised in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments and Proofs of Evidence to further promote project feasibility. A photomontage may also play a role in combination with surveyor-based data to produce Verified Views, which are quantifiable visual representations of development sites in relation to precise measurements and design specifications. 

Landscape Photomontage

What are the Benefits of Using Landscape Photomontage? 

A landscape photomontage brings a design proposal to life and highlights object and location features which would otherwise be left to the imagination and a technical review of development schemes. 

They may serve as modelling resources where design elements are modified based on planning adjustments, and are a great marketing tool to secure proposal approval, advertise development, and foster communication within committees and between interested parties. Photomontages often serve as a basis for further research on impact visibility, and coupled with surveyor data, verified photography, and modelling software, help lead to productive assessments on development views and landscaping positions.

Why Choose rbmp?

At rbmp, we help developers achieve best industry practices with the use of detailed landscape photomontage, revealing their design plans in aesthetic appeal and with accurate representation of visibility and architectural parameters. We specialise in giving our clients greater flexibility in proposal presentations, marketing reach, and design insight through realistic photomontages that communicate effectively on their behalf. 

We work with all scales, geographies, and architectural designs, and employ great technical detail into every project to ensure trust and assurance between developers, communities, and planning committees. Rbmp is a highly-creative and innovative firm with the resources to meet strict guidelines, budgets, and scheduling, and by partnering with us, developers and communities can share a productive interest in how development progresses from concept and design to construction and successful implementation in reality. 

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