3D Architectural Visualisation (CGIs)

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Advances in digital technology and modelling software allow us to create a fully-3D architectural visualisation of a development plan, with detailed features and environments that welcome visitors into a virtual reality just waiting to be realised.  

3D architectural visualisation is the process of creating 3D visual objects based on development plans and architectural drawings, where key elements of the design are given realistic shapes, textures, and colours to inspire the imagination and excite the senses. With realistic architectural visualisations, it’s now possible to view and explore visionary settings well before development begins. This allows architects to experience their concepts, and planners to enjoy a tangible proposal with the visual appeal to communicate a message or generate funding. 

Computer generated images, or CGI, have come a long way since their invention several decades ago. Today, CGI technology allows us to enter 3D worlds, and the architectural industry utilises this amazing technology to full effect. 

3D Architectural Visualisation (CGIs)

Why Use 3D Exterior Rendering?

3D exterior rendering is a vital asset to modern architecture, and offers unique benefits across all stages of development from design and planning to construction and marketing. 

With 3D architectural visualisations, planning approvals are augmented with a visual experience that is best seen to be understood. Because it’s much easier to show than to explain, CGI renderings provide insight into the future features of a development plan with vivid representation and leave little room for uncertainty. This allows for streamlined planning applications and proposal approvals based on measurable visual data that brings the development to life. 

3D renderings also assist designers and builders by adding an extra dimension of measurement to the image, one which can be observed, calculated, and modified to precise specifications. While 2D drawings certainly have their time and place, there’s nothing quite like a 3D virtual model to really put a design into perspective. 3D renderings also work wonders as a marketing tool and can be leveraged to secure funding, create VR walkthroughs, and be utilised in countless other advertising formats. 

3D Architectural Visualisation (CGIs)

Our Process & Methodology

To create stunning visuals and an accurate representation of design plans, we work closely with our clients and follow a perfected methodology involving several stages of 3D architectural visualisation. Our process begins with a discussion of your development goals and a review of your current plans, including digital CAD images, 2D drawings, surveyor data, landscape photographs, hand sketches, and any available input and ideas. 

Once we’ve collected as much information as possible, we’ll start with creating simple models to achieve accurate viewpoints and material structures which will serve as the basis for further 3D rendering. With your approval, we’ll then add features such as colour, texture, and design elements to the models as they gradually begin to take shape as photorealistic objects. This will be followed by the addition of scenic details such as greenery, traffic, decorative objects, people, and lighting per the unique specifications of your request. 

At rbmp, we take the time to meet or exceed or clients’ best expectations, which may involve several iterations before the final version is approved. Once we have achieved the ideal representation and style of your development plans, we process the image through our high-resolution rendering software to produce photorealistic, design-accurate, and gorgeous imagery.

3D Architectural Visualisation (CGIs)

Why Choose rbmp?

Our experience with a full suite of 3D architectural visualisation techniques and their application to various design elements, materials, landscapes, viewpoints, and surveyor data allows our clients to achieve remarkable models of their development plans with complete creative flexibility. We offer affordable and customised price packages that reflect the highest standards in the industry and allow our clients to meet strict deadlines and marketing goals without compromise.  

We are committed to enhancing your project through our artistic and technical expertise, and are qualified to offer guidance on select graphic features that translate into visual appeal and architectural perfection for an extra measure of marketability. 

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