Lordship Road

  • Landscape Architects
  • Location: Stoke Newington, North London
  • Client: Freeds Construction
  • Year: 2016
  • Sector: Residential

Contemporary landscape design of the area surrounding a 1950’s building in Stoke Newington in order to optimise utilisation of the green space by residents.

Rbmp was tasked with providing supporting information for the design of a two-storey extension at both fourth and fifth floor level on an existing 1950s building, in order to create seven additional self–contained flats comprising of five 2-bedroom flats and two 3-bedroom flats.

The 1950s building situated in the highly sought after area of Stoke Newington in Hackney is being re-developed in order to maximise residential accommodation within the building and improve lift access, entrances, communal stairways and provisions for refuse and cycle storage in front of the building. As well as the internal considerations, the detailed planning required for submission also integrated environmental concerns including consideration of the green infrastructure surrounding the building during both the construction stage and eventual completion.

Rbmp completed a detailed tree survey of all the tress on site prior to construction and created a bespoke tree protection plan for the project to ensure the trees would be protected during the construction phase. Detailed landscape designs were also created to encompass the client’s objective of optimum utilisation of the green space surrounding the building through a creative contemporary landscape design layout including paths, entrances and seating areas, with a detailed planting specification. Consideration was also given to the client’s objective of increased refuge and cycle storage at the front of the building and the landscape design was created in a way which minimised the effect of these elements on the communal green space surrounding the building.

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