PropTech : The Future of UK Property Development

Posted by in Latest News from rbmp on 18th July 2020

With an increasing population and the need to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious, technology is helping the UK property market to evolve. By harbouring the power of technology, architects in the UK are changing the way they plan and design both residential and commercial buildings. In fact, the demand for smarter cities, modern sustainable living and eco-friendly design is on the rise not only in the UK but on a global scale and PropTech may be the answer. But, what is PropTech and how can property data help shape the way we build? This article will explain the basic principles of PropTech companies and how architects and property developers are using property data when it comes to design, development and construction.

What is PropTech?

This is undoubtedly the next big thing in terms of UK architecture. PropTech, is the seamless blend between property and technology. Part of the UK’s drive to use technology to enhance property development, PropTech relates to both technology itself and the shift driven by society to live in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way.  This new buzz word is an umbrella term for companies combining property data with technology architecture. From Verified Views. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and PropTech, the way property is being planned, designed and built is changing dramatically and for the greater good.

How Can PropTech Help Drive the UK Property Market Forward?

Said to be the future of property development, PropTech is part of a bigger drive to use property data and sensors to build in a smarter way. As the saying goes, knowledge is power and PropTech is arming UK architects with key information and property data which helps them to make critical decisions.

Here are just some of the technological advances helping to shape the UK property market:

AI : Helping to improve the experience of buying and selling a property by expanding the options to filter by personal property preference.

Drones : Providing accurate bird’s eye views of a property and helping architects plan and design new developments. Drones can also detect potential issues with a site and predict future maintenance concerns.

Sensors: Providing property developers and architects with property data relating to air quality, noise pollution and environmental impact.

Verified Views: Forget CGIs and say hello to more accurate visual representations of future developments. Helping to bring architecture designs to life by using property data and photography.

5G: The introduction of 5G will help homeowners and property investors to capture real-time property data and better install security systems.

PropTech & UK property development

Why is Property Data Important in UK Architecture

By having a better understanding of the environmental impact a property may have architects and property developers can better plan and design a smarter solution to combat any issues they find. If a site has a high level of noise pollution for example, an architect can analyse this property data and add noise cancellation features to a design.

If property data indicates that air quality is poor, electronic air purifiers or air cleaners may be included in the final plan. In fact, the UK government is currently trying to tackle UK air pollution and this is making it increasingly difficult for commercial building developments to gain planning permission. Property data and PropTech give architects the key information they need to design eco-friendly builds. Knowing that air quality is an issue in a particular area, helps architects to plan ahead and make data driven decisions when it comes to their final designs. This can help to speed up the process of gaining planning permission too.

What Can We Expect From Property Data & PropTech

Digital systems and data led technology has the potential to change the UK property market for the better. By using AI, drones, sensors, Verified Views and hopefully 5G very soon, properties can be designed in a way that has a positive impact on the environment rather than turning rural spaces into urban jungles. Being aware of how a property may damage surrounding wildlife and nature along with the current environmental issues at the proposed site, architects can become more creative and smarter with their concepts.

At rbmp, we are part of the future of UK property development and are passionate about combining data, technology and design. We specialise in the creation of highly accurate visual representations of architectural designs. Verified Views are data led images of a planned development and as they are highly accurate, help with the process of gaining planning permission. If you would like more information about how we are using property data, technology and UK architecture, contact our team today.

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